Natural Gas direction and forecast of Awleksadr for the October 12th to 17th, 2020

The global natural gas market continued  sharp rise last week. The direction of the consolidation breakout and the growth dynamics were predicted by me in the previous review Natural Gas forecast of Awleksadrd .     In this situation, I am amused by the arguments of famous American analysts about the reasons for this growth. For these guys, the whole world

revolves around the United States and, accordingly, the entire world market with a contracted anus is watching Hurricane Delta in the Gulf of Mexico. as if in the world, in China and Europe, they do not use natural gas at all, and if they do use it exclusively from the Gulf of Mexico. These  Butt Foaming Guys tell   that natural gas production may drop and it turns out this year, unlike last year, cold weather sets in and it turns out that gas is used for heating.

   Then they forget what they wrote two lines above and write that the US EIA has reported an increase in natural gas supplies by 75 billion cubic feet over the last week. And the governments said the reserves are 3.831 trillion cubic feet. This is 444 billion cubic feet more than a year ago. More over, the five-year average is exceeded by 394 billion cubic feet.

   What are you guys fucking smoking! If these are the indicators, then why did the price exceed the level of last year, and what does the hurricane have to do with some Mexican puddle?

 Technical analysis.

 Then these guys start talking about some technical barriers.

 Below $ 2.40, above $ 3. The most important technical argument for them is that it's a round number. Well, of course, if its Breakout wakes up a strong bullish trend. right up to the level of 3.25 dollars and maybe even up to 3.50 dollars. But since in technical analysis they understand little other than round numbers, they insure their butt with support for $ 2.4, but are afraid to pee against the wind in short.

  A look and forecast of natural gas prices from  Awleksadr

 As I wrote, quotations for natural gas prices began to rise sharply and exceeded the price levels of last year. Last year was also a heating season and hurricanes in the Mexican puddle. Gas reserves were significantly higher and there was no coronavirus pandemic with its consequences for the economies of the whole world.

 Therefore, the observed growth of quotations is the expectation of a very serious insider. I think that the sanctions against Russia could become such an insider, which will significantly increase quotations and provide sales markets for American companies in Europe, and possibly in China.

 I expect the price to exceed $ 3.5. Besides, I think there will be opportunities to play short. Now I'm holding a long.

Good luck to everyone, dudes and chicks. Your Awleksadr :)

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